What we Do



The Real Estate Club organizes annual treks to New York City, Detroit, and this upcoming year, Chicago, to give members the opportunity to learn from Michigan real estate alumni who are succeeding at some of the best real estate companies in the world.  MREC members are eager to understand the real estate industry landscape, learn how deals are put together from different sides of the deal, hear from Michigan alumni about their careers, and receive advice about how to achieve their own career goals. Treks have served as a great way for members to get all of these aforementioned questions answered and have helped students forge relationships with the alumni whom they hope to work for in the future.


The Real Estate Convention is engrained in the roots of Michigan’s real estate program. Founded 33 years ago and previously branded “the Forum,” this event has served as the pinnacle of Michigan real estate for decades.  This year, RE-Con will take place at the Ross School of Business on Friday, October 25th.

The goal of RE-Con is for Michigan real estate students to both learn from and form lasting relationships with Michigan alumni who are the leaders and best in real estate across the country.  RE-Con also hopes to expand the visibility of Michigan’s large real estate network, facilitating student-to-student, alumni-to-alumni, and student-to-alumni connections amongst hundreds of attendees.

We are excited to offer an action-packed program this year, including a morning keynote address, several networking activities, multiple panels, a modeling event for students, an evening keynote address, and an evening career fair.  This a great opportunity to come back to Ann Arbor, listen to prominent alumni keynote speakers and panelists, view the progress the real estate program has made at Michigan, meet the current real estate students, and catch the Wolverines beating Notre Dame on the football field the next day!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Michigan Mentorship Program this year, which will consist of a peer-to-peer program as well as a student-to-alumni program.

Student-Student Mentorship Program:
The program is open to all MREC members.

This program pairs underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) with upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) and graduate students (MBA, Taubman, etc.).  The goal of this program is to facilitate intra-club relationships and allow newer members to gain from the knowledge and experience of more senior members. Topics of conversation may include questions about real estate, interviews, networking, or simply help with all things Michigan related.  We take special care to match members with similar career and geographic interests.

Student-Alumni Mentorship Program:
Please note that, for now, the program is restricted to rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students; mentees will be admitted to the program on an application basis.

The aim of the student-to-alumni program is to connect MREC members with industry professionals who share Michigan origins, expanding on the real-world educational opportunities offered by the University and leveraging the expertise and passion of our alumni network.  Michigan’s vast alumni base provides a unique opportunity for Club members to form strong connections with and learn from Michigan industry professionals.

We make a concerted effort to pair students and alumni who share a background or interest in the same city/region and career area to ensure students and alumni are able to build lasting relationships that extend beyond each student’s time on campus.  


CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Detroit's Outreach Committee works alongside the Real Estate Club to host “UCREW” events at Michigan fostering career opportunities for female students pursuing careers in real estate. 


The Club hosts weekly meetings to further club cohesion, education, and career opportunities. Weekly meetings center around the following programs:

  • Alumni Speaker Panels

  • Recruiting Advice and Resume Workshops

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Modeling Sessions and ARGUS Training

  • Tours of Local Developments through Homebuilt

  • Networking and Social Activities


The Club happily organizes MREC-exclusive recruiting events for companies looking to hire MREC members for internship and full-time positions.  In addition, we work closely with the Ross Career Development Office to help real estate companies host Ross-wide recruiting events.

The Club encourages organizations that are hosting information sessions with MREC to consider also integrating a case discussion or financial analysis walkthrough into their presentation.  For students, it is a great opportunity to learn about a company's potential employment opportunities while also gaining exposure to how deals are assessed in the real world.  For companies, doing so serves as a great talent attraction tool and a way to differentiate from other prestigious firms.